Current Exhibitions


In the Sculpture Garden: “Guardians/Watchers/Warders: new sculpture in cement” by Jo-Ann Brody

In the Gallery: "Works in Progress" by William C. Maxwell

Jo-Ann Brody "Guardians"            William Maxwell "Perfect Circle"

Both shows will be on view from June 5 to October 17, 2010.  A public reception is scheduled for June 5, 2010, 5-7 PM to concur with the Peekskill Arts Council 2010 Open Studios events. 

Brody’s work "revolves around the female – the tree of life, earth mother and mother earth–clay/earth/dirt/dust. I work with clay and cement, both from and of the earth. I see women as strong, rooted, connected to the earth. (Wo)Man was made of clay."  Within MAXWELL FINE ARTS’ pristine sculpture garden there will exist a gathering of guardians, of watchers, of warders, female protectors enshrined in cement placed on the ten sculpture stands within the terraces, trees, stones and benches that make up this quiet and meditative place. Brody asks those who wander through these minimized sculptural figures representing women to have a conversation; more, a dialog with the self.  These "guardians of the garden" are your companions for thought as they escort you, watch you wander with beguilement and captivation through the paths and steps.  They invite you to go beyond the simple act of looking, and enter the space of "seeing."

William C. Maxwell, the Co-Director or MAXWELL FINE ARTS, has converted the gallery space into an extension of his studio as he completes a series of works begun during his 2009 sabbatical leave from The College of New Rochelle.  Viewers have the infrequent opportunity to view this "work in progress" and discuss with the artist his evolving and cumulative thinking as well as the making of these paintings, prints, drawings and photographs.


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